Our People

PitchPad products were originally developed by youth manager and coach Richard Blackburn to score his own colts matches at Farnham Cricket Club in the UK. Appreciating that there were probably many other managers, coaches and teachers with similar needs, he established eZSport Software Limited with Simon Conroy (an IT consultant), to assist in developing and motivating young players across the globe.

All our scoring, analytical and publishing tools are designed to be intuitive and have been developed with the help of numerous volunteers around the world. Simon is now responsible for driving PitchPad's web-enabled functionality WebView.

We gratefully acknowledge the help and assistance of countless scoring, coaching and cricket experts who have helped us enormously in suggesting improvements and, on occasion, correcting our understanding of the laws of cricket.

Our Mission

  1. To solve one of the oldest (but growing) problems in cricket - finding a willing and reliable scorer - by demystifying and simplifying scoring to the extent that anyone can do it
    • intuitive and prompt-based user interfaces to guide the scorer through each match
    • customisable league/match rules
    • self balancing totals
  2. To develop a tool that would help develop young cricketers by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of batsmen, bowlers, keepers, captains and teams by capturing much more data than is ever possible through conventional scoring and
  3. To increase enthusiasm for the game of cricket through unparalleled graphical analyses of every aspect of a game - something which all cricketers love.
  4. To allow and encourage "living and interactive scorecards" to complement conventional match cards
  5. To continue to develop inclusive, accessible and affordable products which serve the needs of all cricketers everywhere.

Our Products

Through PitchPad Pavilion, PitchPad Field we have sought to combine the best features of each hardware platform. Our handheld (Pocket PCs and cell phones) productS maintain virtually the same level of data capture as the PC versions, but add considerably to the portability and even allow umpires to accurately score games while out in the middle (which a number of our customers regularly do, especially in schools).

The scoring functionality is common to all platforms and the detailed match files they create are identical. Once a match has been scored, its intricate detail can be analysed in virtually every conceivable way through Pavilion. The data is entirely portable. In addition, an unprecedented level of interactive analysis is now available to anyone in the world through PitchPad WebView.

In our experience, both children and adults are fascinated and motivated by the match graphics and statistics and the ability to drill down into partnership analyses. For a rapidly growing number of clubs, schools, districts and first class teams PitchPad is providing a useful insight into the individual areas coaches need to focus and work on.

Our Customers

In less than 2 years, we have gained the trust of a customer base that now extends to 24 countries and includes:

  • schools
  • national teams
  • national and regional cricket academies
  • first class scorers
  • district clubs
  • local clubs
  • indoor and outdoor leagues
  • universities
  • colleges
  • professional umpires
  • freelance scorers
  • enthusiasts

We want PitchPad to be the product of choice for coaches, teachers, scorers, fans and parents across the cricketing spectrum.

Our Approach

PitchPad is a partnership between ourselves and cricketers across the globe. We therefore work very closely with our current and potential customers to enhance and improve our product offerings. We greatly enjoy working with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced cricketers around the world. We remain absolutely committed to the continual improvement of our products. Above all, we are not complacent and care passionately about making a positive difference in cricket.

If you have any other ideas as to how we could improve PitchPad, we'd love to hear from you at info [AT] pitchpad [DOT] com.