Frequently asked questions

Important: When scoring with a laptop, please ensure that no other software that could interrupt the scoring program is running. In particular you should ensure that no Windows 'updates' are running in the background that could cause your PC to either run very slowly or require a reboot of the PC during a match.

Q1. I cannot get PitchPad to display properly. What is the problem?

A1. PitchPad graphics require the normal screen DPI setting of 96 to be set. In a number of PCs this setting may be set to another number which will cause the screen display to be grossly distorted. To correct this you should go to Control Panel then select Display then select the Settings tab. Make sure colour quality is as high as is supported. Then click Advanced on the bottom right. Then change the DPI setting to 96. You will then need to follow the on-screen instructions and to reboot the PC.

Q2. When I receive an emailed match file, the file is not recognised by PitchPad. What is the reason for this and what should I do?

A2. Some internet service providers and email accounts try and determine the file type being downloaded and add a new file extension to the downloaded file accordingly. Because our files are based on XML and text, the extension .xml or .txt is frequently added during the email process (e.g. matchfile.ezc becomes matchfile.ezc.xml). To correct for this, simply locate the file using File Explorer and delete the extension .xml or .txt (so the extension reverts back to the original PitchPad extension of .ezc). PitchPad will then recognise the file.

Q3. What is the best way of sending a large match file?

A3. All PitchPad files compress to very small files with Winzip. If your match spans a number of days it is recommended that you zip the file before sending.

Q4. How do I continue a match when PitchPad thinks the match has ended?

A4. You should check the match rules to ensure that the number of players on each team has been set correctly, that the revised target has been set correctly (if applicable), that the number of overs has been set correctly and the number of innings has been set correctly. You should then correct the relevant rule, click undo and then continue the match.

Q5. Is there any way I can extend my laptop or PDA battery life for longer matches.

A5. PitchPad recommends APC Universal Notebook Batteries available from These are quite excellent at extending the laptop's performance away from mains power supplies. These also provide a back up supply to PDAs through the USB port (5V).

Q6. You say I can use my PDA/cell phone in all weathers, how do I do this?

A6. In drizzle or rain you can place the PDA in a plastic bag and simply use the stylus through the bag. In bright sunlight you should try and ensure that the sunlight is able to illuminate the back screen. The screen is then very visible.

Q7. I am nervous about using electronic scoring. How do you suggest I get comfortable.

A7. PitchPad does not have to replace existing scoring, at least not in the initial period - it can also be used to complement your existing scoring and provide considerably more comfort (having something to reconcile to) and providing much greater and analysis. We recommend you use PitchPad in parallel for as long as you like.

Q8. I have seen the regular updates to the download files on the website. Can I upgrade to a new version without losing my data?

A8. Pavilion and MatchView are designed to preserve the data files during upgrades. The original programme should be uninstalled through the Windows Control Panel and the Add/Remove Programs utility. You should then download the new installation file and follow the original installation instructions. Your data will not be affected.

For Field KP and Field LS, a similar process should be followed. On Settings (on the Start menu) click the System tab and the Remove Programs icon. On this select the line eZSport Software Limited PitchPad and then click the Remove button. Do not select any other button. You should then soft re-boot the device (push the stylus into the relevant hole). When the device has rebooted, you should install as set out in the original instructions except that you will NOT need to reinstall the SQL CE programme (i.e. sqlce.ppc3.arm.CAB).

Q9. The trial version Pavilion and MatchView of the software come with a sample match - when I click on one the buttons to try the scoring software I get the prompt "Match completed". How can I test Pavilion?

A9. The sample match is intended to illustrate the analytics available within Pavilion. To see how it works you should click the button labelled Start Match. You can then start scoring the match. You can access the User Manual by pressing the F1 key or through the Help menu.

Q10. To get my Purchase Code I understand I need my Serial Number. Where can I find my Serial Number?

A10. The Serial Number can be accessed through the About menu on Pavilion or MatchView or through the Upgrade button on Field, Pavilion and MatchView. After upgrading, you can access your Serial number by clicking the ? on the Settings tab.

Q11. PitchPad is not recognising any of the dates that I type in. What is the problem?

A11. The date format that PitchPad will accept is set by your international settings on the Settings or Control Panel. Please ensure this is set correctly and that all dates are typed in the correct format.