"From the opportunity to score matches on a mobile phone, computer, handheld or laptop the variety of the package should cater for everyone's practical and analysis needs from juniors to the ECB.

"I am honoured to be involved in its development and look forward to seeing all other scorers joining to use their needs and experiences to help make Pitchpad the most sophisticated and popular package in the world."

John D Holland
Director of Cricket
Northern Universities SC-CC Elite

"Pitchpad is not only an excellent scoring companion, but it offers coaches of all levels an intimate knowledge of every part of a team's game.

"The analytical capacity of this software is far beyond any cricket software available at the price it is. Not only is it affordable for an association or club, it is very affordable for an individual.

"The Pitch Pad team should be very proud of such a high quality product, which can gain such important information for such an affordable price.

"Pitch Pad also offers such great support that I can always feel comfortable using the software.

"Well done guys!!!"

Jarrod Bird
South Brisbane District Cricket Club
First Grade Opening Bowler
Head Curator
Fast Bowling Coach
Management Committee Member

"I have trialed the program on our first league match by entering the info from the score book at my leisure after the match was finished. I found it really easy and convenient to use, an excellent piece of software! I am sure it would be quite easy to use 'live'.

... thanks again for a great program."

Nigel Wallbridge
Marlborough, UK

"Thank you very much for you help. Your software will help me greatly scoring and make it much more accurate. Now i will not get bored every saturday and sunday. Thanks.

Richard Durrant
Devon, UK

"Thanks Richard-I think the software is absolutely brilliant and real value for money.

Leigh Rees
Wolverhampton, UK

"... on the Field product, I'm staggered by how much functionality you have packed into such a small package in such an easy to use manner . . . it's rare to get a nice, neat, fully functional . . . app that does exactly what it is supposed to. "

"I do a lot of coaching of kids teams - up to county standard - and was originally looking for something slightly better than the manual umpires counter in terms of counting balls when I'm umpiring and keeping a track on scores. Not only will this do the job but I can also capture HUGE amounts of valuable data at the same time - scoring areas, line & length, etc and instead of me just banging on about how badly they have bowled . . . . I can actually show them . . . . "

"the stats in MatchView knock my socks off and they will absolutely thrill the kids! Could be a godsend for Coaches this!"

"Good work gents!"

Iain Fraser
Cricket Coach
Axbridge, Somerset

"I must say this is the most comprehensive and best scoring program I've seen. I have used other programs before but PitchPad is by far the most userfriendly one."

"Anybody can use it with ease and all the detail and reports available makes it a pleasure to use."

"I will definitely recommend PitchPad to any cricket lover."

"Cricket regards,"

Hennie van Rensburg
Junior Club Captain
Heidelberg Cricket Club
South Africa

Some other email comments we have received ...

"I've been evaluating various cricket scoring programs for using with my tablet PC and your programme is by far the best that I've seen overall."